مجتمع صنعتی سپاهان باطری

Battery Basics

  • What exactly is a battery?
  • What is the difference between a cell and a battery?
  • Which voltages are typical for which types of batteries?
  • Who can we measure a batteryُs energy output?
  • "Power output" of a battery:What does it mean?
  • What are "dry" and what are "liquid" batteries?
  • What is the influnce of temerature on battery performance in general?
  • What consequences can a battery short circuit have?


  • What does "SLI battery " mean and how is the battery constructed?

Environmental protection and future

  • How can I select correct capacity for a semi-traction application?
  • What role does the battery play in provding electrical power to an automobile?
  • How must SLI-batteries be installed and removed?
  • How can I start the car when the battery is flat?
  • What kind of battery problems can occur during use?
  • What kind of maintenance does an SLI battery require?
  • What is the vehicle electrical system?
  • Why is it not advisable to use an SLI battery as a power source for long periods?

The most frequently asked questions

  • How long should a battery last?
  • How should a battery be maintained?
  • What can cause a new battery to fail soon after installation?
  • What is the cause of sudden battery failure?
  • Sometimes a battery does not hold a charge.Why?
  • How do you determine whether a battery has been charged?
  • What is the normal charge rate for a battery?
  • What should you charge your battery once a month?
  • What is sulfation?
  • Why do the winter months seem to bring more battery problems?
  • What does "VRLA","MF","AGM", and "SLA" stand for?
  • What is the purpose of the battery exhaust vent tube?
  • How do I eliminate my acid level sensor when switching to a sealed battery?
  • I was told by some old timers that if you leave a battery on the ground or a concrete floor it will ruin the battery. is this true?
  • How do I test my 12 volt battery and charging system?
  • What is a Battery & How it works?
  • What are volts?
  • What is meant by "specific gravity" of battery electrolyte?
  • Are lead acid batteries recyclable?
  • What is the difference between a cell and a battery?
  • What is Battery capacity?
  • What is Battery lifetime & how it varies?
  • Do lead acid batteries discharge when not in use?
  • What is an Equalization charge & Why it is Necessary?
  • What is battery Sulphation and when does it occur?
  • Can I hook different batteries in parallel?
  • When should I add water to my batteries?
  • What are the reasons for failure of batteries?

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